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Kimberly J. James
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Rating: 5 Stars

It's a story that relates to all women in some way. Enjoyed the style of writing. Almost like short stories. A quick read. Appreciated the honesty and candor of the writers experiences.

Jill Starishevsky - Author, "My Body Belongs To Me"
Featured on Oprah 2011

Rating: 4.5 Stars

It was emotionally stimulating and was well-written. I feel like this book is one that people could really enjoy and benefit from.

Overall Thoughts/Impressions:  This book follows an incredible woman's journey to faith and love in an intense, emotional, and thought-provoking way that will capture the reader's attention from the get-go.

Kimberly starts her book by posing the question of who is the driving force behind your life. She then details her life and how God has always been there helping fill her tank.

Kimberly chronicles her life in a way that will draw readers in from the very beginning. A majority of her book details her struggles, financially, physically and emotionally, as she tries to run her non-profit dance organization, Dream in Color Foundation. She writes about her trials in a way that doesn't seem to be screaming for pity, but rather in a way that glorifies God and the hand He has had in her life.

Later in her book, Kimberly's focus is no longer on her dance but on overcoming demons that have haunted her since her childhood. She paints a vivid picture of the effect the abuse she endured as a child has had on her life and her process to overcome what she called the "shackle of abuse."

I am a Caucasian who has lived a very different life than Kimberly, and yet I still felt connected to her life and to her story. This book allowed me to understand what it means to be an African-American who grew up in a wonderful family, but one that has been plagued with abuse that she was able to trace back to her ancestors who were slaves on plantations.

One of Kimberly's main worries in sharing her tale was that readers would judge her family. However, for me personally, I just found her family to be a REAL family, who like any other family is plagued with real problems. Kimberly doesn't paint any person as a bad guy, but rather shares that everybody is good in the sight of God and has their own story to tell.

The writing in this book flows smoothly in a way that allows readers to really get inside Kimberly's head and explore what she is thinking and feeling. I found this book to be inspirational, heart-breaking, and intensely personal. For readers who love nonfiction, biographies, and books that discuss finding faith and recognizing God's hand in the midst of adversity, Running on G will be a perfect fit for you.

In Summary: A beautiful tale of faith, love, overcoming the past and recognizing God's hand in our lives. A book that portrays one woman's journey to triumph over the demons of her past and truly come to know God and be led by Him. A great book that chronicles an incredible story of one woman.

Danica Page - Taking it One Page at a Time


Rating: 5 Stars

I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of Running On G. I was not prepared for the level of raw truth. It takes a great deal of courage to face the truth of who we are and how we got there. So many of the forces that framed Ms. James life were not of her making, abuse never is. It's what she has done with all the pain and uncertainty. I don't know a person who has not buried something from childhood or their teenage years because it hurts to remember. Ms. James has chosen to not only face her demons, she is also willing to acknowledge that a greater power was shaping her the whole time. This is an extraordinary book that I believe will give many people hope that no matter what your experiences are or life circumstances, God is always with us. If I didn't believe already, I would have opened my heart to let God heal my wounds and guide my life.

4everbooked "jD"

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Running on G
is a spiritual memoir, written by a professional colleague, Kimberly James. When Kimberly told me that she referenced a conversation that we had in her new book, I told her that I looked forward to reading it and giving her my honest feedback, from one author to another. Although I felt that I knew enough about Kimberly to make an accurate assessment of who she was, her words and her willingness to allow us into her deepest thoughts and experiences drew emotions out of me that I didn’t know I was capable of expressing spontaneously. I read the book on a flight from Washington, DC to Dallas, Texas and when I got to page 240, I found myself fighting back tears over Kimberly’s ability to extend forgiveness in ways that most would say is unforgivable.  I am not a man known to cry!  

There are moments where she shares such depth and profound wisdom that I questioned if she had a ghost writer. As an author myself, it is interesting to learn that she doesn’t profess to be a writer, she simply says that she was led to share her story and she allowed God to speak through her to reach and provide hope for others whose lives may have been affected by similar issues in some capacity. Her writing style is raw, but I believe that many people will connect with her style and connect with her journey to overcome great adversity.

Our conversation that she referenced was in regards to her decision to complete and publish the book or to drop it and let dead dogs lay, understanding that it may cause strife within her family. After reading this book, I can see that it took great courage to share her story and I do believe that it will be a blessing to anyone who reads it.

As a man who generally only reads books about business success, I really enjoyed the book.  I kept looking forward to reading the next chapter to see what happened next. 

Kimberly has shared a remarkable story.  It is a testimonial about faith, facing challenges, and conquering fears.

Farrell Chiles,

Vice President, Tuskegee Airmen Foundation

Public Speaker & Author of “As BIG As It Gets”

Rating: 5 Stars

Running on G
– What can I say… A beautiful educated woman, a handsome husband with two adorable boys living in the suburbs of one of the most affluent counties in America. What a perfect picture; but as we know, things are not always what they seem. There was an enemy lurking; always waiting to attack, not to wound but to take everything from her and ultimately pilfer her life and the people she loves most. Haunting her was a silent unyielding foe by way of a generational curse, a family secret that would not let her rest, have peace or true happiness until she faced the truth and broke the chains that unknowingly debilitated her life. 

Running on G is a book that tells the story of one woman's journey from a small town in Virginia, becoming a professional dancer and an NFL cheerleader, rising to become a successful entrepreneur in the same industry that tried relentlessly to hold her back. This book tells the details of the multiple chains that had her bound, chains that had to be broken to literally save her life and set her free.

Kimberly James has given us something... something to laugh about, cry about, get mad about and definitely something to talk about. This is a perfect book for your reading circle or to share with friends.

Karen Douglas

Rating: 5 Stars

"I recently finished the book, "Running on G" by Kimberly J. James and I was completely blown away. It took an immense amount of courage to write about such a difficult topic of sexual and emotional abuse.  Kimberly's book will make you laugh a little and cry a lot, sometimes when you don't even know you are about to cry.  I saw myself in her and her words and scripture references helped me so much. Although I haven't been sexually abused, I was verbally and emotionally abused for a large part of my life. I also had a situation where I felt ashamed and didn't want people to know about a secret that I had in my finances. Kimberly's book was just what I needed and it was meant for me to attend the event where we met. I also saw myself in Kimberly in terms of holding grudges when people do me wrong and "helping" God out instead of letting him work situations out for me. I learned from her that forgiveness really does set you free. I marked so many passages in the book that I will go back and reference on my road to complete healing as well.  An outstanding job by a very courageous young woman.  I look forward to seeing where God is going to take Kimberly on this journey and she has my full support in whatever she does."  Thank you for being obedient and writing this book Kimberly.  To God be the glory!"

Theresa Royal Brown, CMP
Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network (EPNET)


Rating: 5 Stars

"I am emotionally overwhelmed to say the least. I can't stop tearing up as I think back to your words and how they are ultimately affecting me and my own spiritual journey. I don't know yet if I have the courage to do battle with my own tormentors. Your story has touched me in ways that I cannot even explain to myself right now.  What it does; it gives me hope! It was so well written. Thank You!"


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